Criteria & Admission

Who can join St. Benedict Abbey?

We welcome young Catholic men to explore our community. While each applicant is judged on his own merits, on a case-by-case basis, in general our minimum criteria for admission are as follows.

  1. Single, Roman Catholic men age 18-30.
  2. A well-informed faith, daily prayer life, regular sacramental participation, and evidence of a virtuous Christian life. A convert must have been initiated or received into full communion in the Catholic Church for at least one year.
  3. Evidence of mature Christian discipleship through service to Church and society.
  4. Desire to bear witness to the Truth of Jesus Christ and the beauty of the Catholic Faith for the salvation of souls in settings where we serve.
  5. Desire for a religious community life centered on the Word of God through contemplation, devotion to Our Lady, Gregorian chant, silence, choral Liturgy of the Hours and other elements of “regular observance.”
  6. Candidates should have a minimum of a high school diploma.
  7. Good physical health and psychological balance.
  8. No impediments (canonical or otherwise) and no liability for prosecution before a criminal or civil court.

The Application Process

Before applying to become part of our community, a man should be in regular contact with the Vocation Director so that a good relationship can be established.

When an aspirant believes he is ready to apply, he discusses his intentions with the Vocation Director, who then conducts a formal application interview. If there are no impediments, and it seems prudent to do so, the Vocation Director may offer the man an application.

The application process is quite involved and may take several months to complete. It includes writing an autobiography, obtaining sacramental documents, college transcripts, medical examinations, letters of reference, a criminal background check, a psychological evaluation, financial records, and interviews with the Vocation Council.

Once all the steps of the application are completed, the aspirant’s petition is reviewed. If accepted, the man works out an arrangement to come stay at the Abbey, where the monks welcome him as he further explores the monastic life.