Discerning Monastic Life

Is God calling me to the Monastic Life? How can I know for sure? What’s the best way to make such a momentous decision?

As you contemplate what to do with your life, be confident that God has a specific plan for you, and that you can discover it through prayer.

Authentic prayer goes beyond saying a couple of Our Fathers and Hail Marys in a church pew. Put simply, the deepest kind of prayer is a heartfelt conversation with Christ. In fact, prayer helps us to achieve union with God, which is the vocation of all Christians. No matter which vocation God has in mind for you, it is essential that you learn to pray well. While you can pray about your vocation anywhere, it is often helpful to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

Here are some suggested ways to pray:

Prayerfully reading scripture can spark a great conversation between you and the Lord. Here are a few suggested passages to get started:

  • Matthew 19: 16-30:  Jesus’ encounter with the rich young man
John 1:35-51:  The calling of the first disciples
Luke 14:25-33:  Following Christ no matter what the cost

In the end, spending time with Jesus should be like a conversation with a good friend. Speak to Jesus from your heart and then listen. You’re not likely to hear anything with your ears. Instead, “hearing” results in an increase in understanding, acceptance, and willingness to follow God’s path for your life.