A Life of Divine Service

“Saint Benedict Abbey’s liturgy is celebrated in Latin according to the Novus Ordo. We strive to worship with reverence and virility, focused on the Eucharist.”Abbot Xavier Connelly

Faithful to the Holy Sacrifice & Divine Office

Recognizing that a monk’s life, first and foremost, is dedicated to liturgical and private prayer, the monks of Saint Benedict Abbey gather for common prayer seven times each weekday and four times on Sunday for a total of three hours each day.

Celebrated in Latin according to the Novus Ordo, infused with the sublime beauty and ancient nobility of sacred chant, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Divine Office form the supporting pillars in the structure of our daily schedule, and are privileged times in our conversation with God. We monks pray not only for ourselves, but also on behalf of others: for those who have asked for prayers, for the sick, for the dying, for the conversion of sinners, for peace in families and throughout the world, for those persecuted for the Faith, for the protection of the unborn, for the faithful departed, and for those who have no one to pray for them.

We recognize that prayer is essential for the redemption of the world. If no one were to converse with God, to worship Him, thank Him, and ask Him for assistance, the world would cease to be. The Prayer of the Divine Office is so important that Saint Benedict calls it “The Work of God” and mandates that nothing else should be preferred to it.