Our Work

“Whether big tasks or small, whether brother or priest, all is done for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.”Father Peter

Saint Benedict says that monks should be committed to manual labor. “Then, they are truly monks,” he says, “when they work by the labor of their hands.” Thus we consider ourselves “partners with God” in our work, whether cooking dinner or cleaning house, mowing lawns or fixing cars.

Domini est salus: Salvation is God’s work. The monks’ work is to shine the light. Partners, in a sense, in God’s work, we let our light shine before men that God who has begun this good work now brings it to fulfillment.

Much of our work revolves around caring for our historic property and providing hospitality for those who make retreats at our guest house.

We engage in a great variety of works, but the one work that best characterizes Saint Benedict Abbey is hospitality. Our retreat house has been used by tens of thousands of people over the years. Guests are welcomed as Christ, and invited to enjoy God’s friendship through prayer, fellowship, and contemplation of His creation.