Father/Son Retreat

Dates for Father-Son Retreats for 2018

  • July 20-22 (registration is closed)
  • July 27-29

N.B. All weekends are limited to a total of 20 fathers and sons.

(Please help promote this retreat – a flyer is available here.)

Several years ago, the monks of Saint Benedict Abbey came up with the idea of the Father/Son Vocation Weekend , an opportunity for young men, ages 14 and up, and their fathers (or comparable guardians) to join us for a few days of living the monastic life.

The weekends begin with 6:00 p.m. Vespers on Friday, and end after 11:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday. In between, the fathers and sons join the monks for prayer, work, meals and recreation, with time set aside for conferences, and time made available for confessions and some good father and son interaction.

The Father/Son Vocation Weekend offers young men a unique perspective on vocation, by letting them experience at the same time both the vocation of their fathers and the vocation of the monks, the vocation to the married life and to the consecrated life. We consider such a perspective a vital part of a young Catholic’s spiritual development, especially in our day, when marriage is rarely considered a vocation, and the vocation to the religious life is rarely considered at all. We feel that every young man, no matter into what vocation God is calling him, should give serious consideration to both. Doing so will open up to him not only the beauty of matrimony and religious consecration, but also their necessity, and lead him to an appreciation of the loving providence of God, Who attracts men and women to both.

To get more information before registering, please contact Father Anthony Kloss, O.S.B. (click link for contact page.)


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