Benedictine Monks

Through lives rooted in prayer, work, and community, the Monks of St. Benedict Abbey seek the company of God in this life and in the next. Inspired by the gospel message to “do the one thing necessary”­­—to save souls—we faithfully follow the Benedictine tradition through knowing, loving, and praising God, and bringing others closer to Him through Mary.

The monks of St. Benedict Abbey rely on Jesus in the Eucharist, fraternal charity, and consecration to Our Lady following the principles of St. Louis de Montfort. We live the Faith in fidelity to Tradition and celebrate the Liturgy with noble and virile simplicity. We are committed to creating an environment of Apostolic hospitality, and to making the Church attractive as the sole means of salvation.

Latin Novus Ordo
Rooted in Hospitality
Consecrated to Our Lady
Dedicated to Saving Souls
Authentic Monastic Life
“Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ, and may he bring us all together to everlasting life.”from The Rule of St. Benedict